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Which is better support class

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I have used both. I like the consistency of tablet but moving the tablet around is a skill in and of itself. It is quite fun to see 12-13k heals from tablet though, so you have to use it wisely because it costs a lot of energy. It also has a cooldown on moving the tablet. It's range is also limited at 240 (the heal) but you can stand 1500 range back out of ANY danger (unless your zerg moves into meleeballing mode). Don't get me wrong, the FB range on f2 - 2 is crap, and the f2 - 4 is no better at 360. But FB's allow you to be more mobile (laugh) and they are the current meta, because they have a ton of utility. You can cycle f2 and f3 and then still use mace/shield along with all your skills and mantras. It's a very clunky class that is difficult to learn and it pisses off a lot of people to play. I didnt mind the druid build, the tempest frustrated me but it was fun, I loathe the FB. I just hate how he plays and how I have to use him. If you want to win, learn to deal with FB and try not to hate it. If you don't care and want to have a little fun? Tablet is not shabby as long as you take Shiro for mobility. Both will take a lot to learn correctly.

Tagging is pretty crappy too on FB you have to use f1 - 5 right before engage so you get some tags, and switch to f1 as SOON as possible after you know your zerg will win, so you can tag stuff otherwise its just all support. As for roaming, you gotta be careful as the FB has VERY little burst healing. You do a goodjob clearing condis, but if your f2 is down you are F'd. I can't really say much on roaming cause i never roam with Minstrel FB.

Play what you want that lets you have fun. Optimal support class is FB but Tempest and Tablet is acceptable. All come with limitations.

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Personally I think so yes, just make sure you run at least staff so you have SOME movement abilities. Test it out, I am not sure when is the best time to switch between both, I feel on serious pushes its best to have that tablet out and right where your pin is pushing into. It's just a lot of work to move the tablet AND yourself. But yeah Glint would be good to have up until the push, or cycling between to keep something like fury on your group. If you run regen on glint with FULL minstrel you will get PASSIVE 4kish hps if your group is taking damage just from the regen.

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pro of fb is like dps heal. you have rolls, mantras, resolves, staff to support you. (my team uses staff gs or staff hammer)

we cycle this from healing to sustain to cleansing.

con of fb is it seems to have a higher skill gap because it has a rotation and most ppl spam it instead of thinking and using what is needed. and thinking and using to result to habit takes a bit of time to practice

our team focuses more on f2 above other utils.

as for rev pro, you have your ipad and then your staff. your regen is consistent and a burst on call. you have the option to spam malyx pain avbsorb or run glint or dwarf or shirow. you jave range pew pew but you will mostlikely switch and use staff.more for support and def and use hammer for rang tagging additional dodge rol or as a fake pusher.

con is, energy usage. so you need to keep an eye on that. variety is not that apparent and it may get boring in the long run.

both are strong options.

its probably better to have one of each.

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