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@Prinzsecond.4863 said:

@Vagrant.7206 said:No other glass cannon is given that kind of punishment. Holosmith's damage doesn't actually deviate too significantly from other high damage classes, and the sustain on holosmith is critical because engineer has some of the lowest mobility in the game, tied with necromancer. We simply can't disengage from a fight unless the enemy is dead or crippled/chilled.

Holo is highly mobile. With Photon Forge Skill 2 you have Access to perma superspeed, then you have 2x 1200 leapers on each 16s CD (rocket boots) with 3s of superspeed, you can have the rifle 5 jump. If infight Holo can be faster than anything except thiefes. When out of fight, where superspeed is on pair with swiftness mesmer, revenant and fast warriors can keep up that is right.

Wait, you picked some of the lousiest traits for a fight (CC: Zephyr, Gadgeteer), and still think holo is a highly mobile glass cannon? That just makes it highly mobile glass.

If you want holo to actually survive in a fight, it has some of the lowest mobility. I didn't think I needed to qualify that statement, but here we go on the pendatic train.

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