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[EU] Shady's first LS3 map tour plus Aurora collections will take place next Sunday!


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Heya everyone!

Yesterday I asked around on reddit (here's my post on r/guildwars2) whether anyone might be interested in LS3 map run and was met with a good amount of positive responses, so as promised:

Shady’s first LS3 map tour will cover Episodes 1, 2 + 4 and takes place on Sunday, May 6th 16:00 CEST.

  • We will go for each episode’s meta achievement and the associated Aurora collections.
  • Meet up around 15:45 CEST at Promontory Waypoint - [&BF8JAAA=] - in Ember Bay.
  • Maximum squad size is 30 people, otherwise it will get too crowded.

If you do not have the Aurora: Awakening collection unlocked, you will still benefit from all the other achievements we will collect for the meta achievements.

We already have a kind mesmer for ports (especially in the Chalice of Tears JP), but more mesmers with portals would be really helpful!


  • Have all six episodes of Living Story Season 3 unlocked. You should also have played through the entire story.
  • Full gliding mastery would be optimal (without ley-line gliding you will miss out on a few things)
  • Ancient Magics mastery: Counter Magics, Thermal Propulsion
  • Mounts are not required.


  • Buy the LS3 episodes if you don’t have them yet and play through the story.
  • Make sure you have the full gliding mastery plus Ancient Magics 1 and 2 (4 is also required for Aurora).

In addition to that, you need four items that are earned through collection achievements in Bloodstone Fen, Ember Bay, Lake Doric and Draconis Mons to unlock the map-specific Aurora collections. These are:

  • Sentient Anomaly - guide (collect pages for three different journals in Bloodstone Fen)
  • Sentient Aberration - guide (collect 40 mursaat tokens in Ember Bay)
  • Sentient Oddity - guide (collect 18 items for Cin in Lake Doric)
  • Sentient Singularity - guide (collect 14 Golemancer Recordings in Draconis Mons)

The collections mostly involve interacting with tiny hidden objects. Use dulfy’s guides (linked above) to complete them.

However, some of them are harder to get. This includes the Sentient Aberration for which some tokens are hidden in the Ember Bay jumping puzzle (Chalice of Tears) and the Sentient Oddity which requires you to kill some map bosses in Lake Doric.

If you want to complete your Aurora collections for Bloodstone Fen, Ember Bay and Lake Doric during our map tour, you need to get the collections for the Sentient Anomaly and Singularity first. Also get all the mursaat tokens for the Sentient Aberration except for 23, 24, 25, 29 and 31. Those are inside the JP and we will get them together.

We will also complete the Cin’s Business collection in Lake Doric together.


  1. Ember Bay: Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle plus remaining mursaat tokens.
  2. Lake Doric: Cin’s Business collection.
  3. Short break for people who now have all four Sentient items to combine them in the Mystic Forge, buy the Sentient Seed and unlock Aurora: Awakening.
  4. Bloodstone Fen: Regroup at Soulkeeper’s Airship Waypoint and complete the map achievements.
  5. Short break before we switch maps.
  6. Ember Bay: Regroup at Promontory Waypoint and complete the map achievements.
  7. Short break before we switch maps.
  8. Lake Doric: Regroup at Doric’s Landing Waypoint and complete the map achievements.

I hope to see you all on Sunday! Have a great week and stay awesome.


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