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Finished the Story, some (no spoilers) feedback


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The pacing for the story was good and I found myself enjoying all the instances. I didn't find myself banging my head waiting for an NPC to stop yapping and most of the fights were just plain fun with cool mechanics that were either new or only ever used once elsewhere in the game. The mastery points I needed were obtainable as I needed them while crossing the map for story missions. Only one map currency is fantastic.

The use of humor in the story was well done and seldom felt forced.

Gliding is certainly not the optimal way to get around the desert, but it's still very useful to have. The maps seem to have been designed so that HoT players can be rewarded for their gliding abilities. There's also nothing like doing a lean glide, nearly at the ground, and having somebody blow past you on a raptor.

There was a fair bit of lore, with a lot of loose ends tied up, but new ones opened.

I do have four main criticisms, one I can't talk about because of my no spoilers declaration.

  • HoT added four new stat combos to the game, all of which were very useful. I only seem to find 3 in PoF though. One of them is a modified viper's (which I like), the other two are sort of eh. Doesn't give me the excitement into buildcraft I could have if the sPvP stats Demolisher's or Mender's became pve/wvw available.
  • Inventory management is beyond cluttered. Do I need to keep Joe Elonan's Magic Beans in my inventory for an achievement or not? There doesn't seem to be a "this item is only valuable as part of a collection" with some of these things.
  • Many of the story achievements are clearly not soloable. Group achievements around content like metas is fine, but you acquire no loot or experience for completing story instances a second time on a toon, making it very hard to get people to finish these.
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