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20180430 Connection Problems

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I started getting connection problems around 11:15am UTC, still getting some now but biggest issue i have is i see nothing on lfg - even though im seeing people organise map events and such and theres definitely groups i should see there.

around 11:40am UTC these connection issues got significantly worse, and since that point i get spammed with the whole troubel connecting to login servers yadda yadda every few mins.

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@Darlgon.9273 said:I am in game, and being told by a pop up, that my client is having connection problems. Others in LA saying the same.

Same here

First it removed my password ( I had just logged in 45 min before )

then it didn't run

then it gave this Error Code: 42:0:9001:4414

then it blackscreened

then it finally came back without the password

logged with the password that I hadn't removed since January which is the last time I changed the password

now getting the same screen OP is - network connection errors.

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So, this could be an ANet server issue, no doubt. It can also be caused by other network issues, so I'd suggest you start by narrowing down where exactly it is happening with some simple diagnostics. This will help prove that it is an ANet issue, if on their side, or help get it actually resolved if not.

To get the address of the server you are connected to you can use the /ip chat command in-game, but any ANet server IP address should be sufficient.

If you can't interpret the results, feel free to post them on the forums with a screenshot showing the test run for at least five minutes, and including a period of time when you got disconnected. We can help you interpret those, and tell you what - if anything - they tell us about the problem.

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There's some issues with one of the backbone internet providers in the US.http://downdetector.com/status/level3/map/

Level 3 is showing issues in the areas near Virginia, which is where GW2's NA servers are now located.Issues with backbone providers will produce intermittent symptoms, with good connectivity to some services, but not others. A general problem on ANet's end would tend to produce consistent symptoms (totally unavailable for periods of time, rather than off|on).

It still could be ANet, but do the follow up by running PingPlotter or something similar.

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