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Undergarment Customization

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@Ardid.7203 said:

@"Urud.4925" said:Ah it's not a because of puritanism. I'm well aware that we have boobs and naked bodies everywhere, 'cause it helps to sell pretty everything.The point is to keep some consistency with the style of the game. Would you like to have "Gundams" or super-deformed minions with the typical korean "cuteness"? I don't. If we're talking about some "reasonable" nudity, I'm fine. If it's something completely out of the context... well, I wouldn't be offended for sure, but I'd put my nose out.

Come on. That the far east market uses nudity to extremes to sell things doesn't make them owners of any range of nudity. If nudity in GW2 is "reasonable", it is so because the legal and cultural limits the actual(western) market of the game have, not because it needs to avoid being "asian".

In this thread there is a selection of swimsuits already in use on the game. Are those non consistent with the game? IMO they are quite consistent and appropriate. All people is asking is for those kind of items: those that makes sense for our market/audience/PG rating. No more (But no less either).

But this game is far west market where all are clothed XD

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@Laila Lightness.8742 said:Never going to happend anet want to be kid friendly

Ever seen a kid in swimwear? They're very VERY VEEEEERRYY common where I'm from.

How about in undergarments?

Well, not very common, but when you lack swimwear and all ya got is a sweater and jeans...

I'm from an area with more water than this game has, always within 30 minutes of a body of water sizeable enough to to throw a boat in. Lived on a lake.

Undergarments/swimwear, they're basically the same thing.

Have you seen what kids back in my day called swimwear?

Sure, one pieces were more common, but how young was I when I had my first bikini? Pretty much looks like a bra and panties.

Not asking for lewdware here, just options.

As for the more prudish here, must be inlanders or folks from places without water deep enough to swim in...

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@Mil.3562 said:I am all in for a swimwear outfit and change of undies with limited colour dyes. For the swimwear, to stop players especially guys playing female toons, from runnning all over the map in bikinis, make it usable only near beaches. Please ANet, you give us mounts, ability to sit on chairs and the upcoming change to underwater combat, it's about time that we change our undies after wearing them for 6 long years...

The number of times 6 year old me was wearing something like a bikini in place of undergarments in anticipation of water? Pretty much any time I went specific places.

What's the difference between the two if its all kept as swimwear, and does not replace armor?

They want to run around in swimwear, fine, let them get killed and don't bother resing them.

It doesn't have to be lewd to be an improvement.

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