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Is there a good build for this?


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You'd have to define "powerful"...However,

  • Open world PvE: minions make for relatively easy builds to play in open world PvE, just taking blood magic along with death magic and filling your skill bar with minion make you very resilient in this game mode.
  • Raiding: Minions are used in raid because they add a sliver of "passive" dps, but no "minion centric build" is powerfull there, well except for epi bounce build there is not really any powerfull necromancer's build in raid.
  • Dungeon: If you want to solo and/or have a party that have a whole afternoon free you can use a minion centric build, otherwise minions are not a good thing to take with you in dungeons. Dungeon are better done by abusing stealth and skipping the bothersome adds while bursting boss as fast as possible, sadly for both of those thing minion are an hindrance more than anything.
  • fractals: again if you want to solo and have time... Still it might prove usefull in inexperienced groups to play minion master, yet you won't be able to call this build "powerfull".
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For raiding and fractals, not unless you play with people you know, necro is bottom of the barrel dps and is usually unwanted unless you stack the class on a boss that has adds. Then it out performs ele. Anything works in openworld pve, and dungeons have become trivial due to the expansions and the devs not working on them anymore (dungeons were abandoned in favour of fractals and raids). If you want a power build this is what I use http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQNBHhFakhGapxeawxGYvxyvgBl0CAfg4k4T8KOtE+BHBA-jhRBABUq+De6Dua/R5nZKBB4JA8wpAAA-e

If you're with a grouo, drop bitter chill for spiteful talisman unless your group is having problems stacking vul. Change chilling victory for decimste defences if your group has a might stacker. You can swap reaper's onselought for blighter's boon for more sustain. You can swap blood magic for soul reaping if you don't want to use wells. If you want more dps, drop well of darkness for shadow fiend

P.S. I should clarify, when I said the group stacking necros, I meant condi necros. Specifically scourges, though condi reaper could work, for the epi bounces.

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Open world solo - Yes, a minion build makes open world face-roll easy but slow, too.Raids - NoDungeons - NoFractals - NoWvW - NoPvP - Maybe one or two if you use minions for their active skills. Their passive skills are pretty much just harassment.

Minion Master is too easy to play while their trash-mob AI and simple, passive auto-attacks are only useful when your target aggro's to them due to their high toughness. (Idiot A.I.s trying to face-tank each other)

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@ferf.4283 said:Is there a powerful necro build, for using summons/minions for PVE, raiding, dungeons, fractals, etcWould appreciate it :)

Raiding? - NoFraktals?- No

Well i guess Power reaper and condi reaper use some minions. But they are Not Minion based builds.

Well in PvP modes, minions suck.

Minions are just pretty Bad. If you want a Minion build. Play ranger

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