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[EU][ED]'s first world tour trip


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Hey everyone!

[ED] Eternal Delusion is hosting a map tour trip - targeting new and veteran players alike, and it will take place next Friday the 4th, running throughout Tyria and gathering people as we go. It is important to note that:

  • Mounts are NOT required, nor gliding. This means you can join us without having any expansion;
  • We will gather and stop for a few moments in each major city;
  • The group will run from map to map using a squad, without teleporting to any waypoints (unless absolutely necessary), so feel free to participate with a character with no map completion;
  • We will bring kind mesmers who are willing to use portals to teleport you to uneasy spots;
  • Nearby or soon to happen events will be completed, however, we will not wait for an event to trigger if the waiting time is superior to 5:00 minutes;
  • Only vanilla maps listed below will be visited;
  • Even though not absolutely necessary, you can join our guild’s discord server (will be posted in the squad message).

We will firstly gather at the Arcane Council fountain, in Rata Sum, by 18.00h (server time) - right beside the Accountancy Waypoint. Our main objective here is to promote our guild’s affairs and organize a screenshot album (will post it on reddit), with certain key points as background, that contribute to the beauty this game has to offer, and portraying the community’s role in it. For that effect, we will follow the spreadsheet below:https://i.imgur.com/c3DiAxa.jpg

For more information, or any topic related, whisper or send an in-game mail to BPxx.3105 or Gherod.3674.

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