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5vs5 In-house League Hosted By Crime Sorciere

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To those interested in joining a 5vs5 League with a Draft system being placed feel free to apply for a Spot. Few things you need to know! This is a Plat Rated League that going to be on going for 3weeks(2 out of 3 games per week on sundays for each team), the winner of the league shall be rewarded with a Jackpot price Pool (500gold)+whatever teams Want to throw in. Theirs a total of 30 players for this league which breaks down to 6 teams total. Players Must Join the Discord Channel and Msg TrunksOuk with the Information Needed in order to take part of the league.

Discord Info: https://discord.gg/SKT7vnG

Info Needed to Apply:1:Account Name2:Character Name(s)3:Current Rating4: Class You Main(or Multiple Classes)

Start Date: June 3(games are on every Sunday 2pm eastern time)End Date: June 17Region: NaJackpot: 2500 Gold Currently

Goal and Purpose of this is to do a Plat player League where players are able to play with one another to test their skills, and have a fighting chance to win with a random team they'll be on for the next few weeks. Teams Captains would be selected randomly by a generator and from their the draft would start with captains picking players 1 round each in till teams are full.

I'll be editing things as the day(s) go by to keep things clean/sharp. GoodLuck and Have Fun

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25 spots left, some well known players have decided to take place..... lets keep this flow going guys, alot of you complain about how their isn't enough events or stuff going on within the Gw2 PvP community. IF U are in PLAT and LOOKING to improve/test your skill this is the time to apply for a spot before they go quick.

We in CS are focusing on keeping this alive After PvP season ends and with UGO and Monthly being done this would just be another option for players to enjoy doing something!

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