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100% map completion - first 2 maps


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If you haven't done 100% map completion for the first 2 maps ( Crystal Oasis & Desert Highlands) already, I suggest you better stop reading because spoilers are going to follow:

SPOILER ALERT:I have already done 100% exploration of the first 2 maps and I am disappointed with the rewards. Is this serious? From the completion of Crystal Oasis I just got a single reward: "Book of awakening to Light", which is useless except for a title. And from the completion of Desert Highlands I just got only.... experience! What is going on? Are these the final rewards of each map? Where are the exotic weapons/armors, chest keys, etc. like the previous maps in core and hot game?Will the people who have already done 100% map completion lose the rewards in case they will get changed in the future? Will the rewards themselves become better?

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