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Fire Elemental Wold Boss Bugged

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I had recently started a specialisation collection, and the last item I need to complete it comes from the fire elemental world boss, but every time I go to the spawn location for the world boss and the pre-events neither of them are up or even able to be started.

I have gone to do this event about 10 times and each time I have had this problem. Almost every time I have gone to do the event I have made sure that I'm there 30+minutes before it's meant to start.I have also tried talking to Rooba multiple times up to the event starting time to see if that would trigger it but still nothing happens.

This honestly sucks because i have spent so many mystic coins for the mystic torch, so that i can get a cheap ascended torch that i need for my scourge, yet I've been unable to finish the collection.

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