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Returning PvX Fort Aspenwood Guardian LF Weekly WvW Guild

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Hey everyone! Im a returning player looking for a guild specifically for WVW. Its been a long minute since I vocated daily to GW2. I started in beta release around August of 2011. I completed the map along with some pvp and wvw. Around 2013 after having experienced most of living world first season I took time off for school. I cant even say Ive tried the HoT or PoF expansions yet. However, I own both and gaming strong to pursue them!

A little About me;I'm 25 with a lot of time to spend on the internet. I've played the original Guild Wars back when I was 11 years old and was ecstatic to hear of a sequel just before graduating High school. GW2 would be my first ever beta testing experience online. Its also the first game Ive got to play since Day 1 of its release. After some personal time away and eventually building a Gaming PC I invested my time playing games like OSRS and WoW. After some debating GW2 is now my favorite MMO for so many reasons just as a stand alone RPG. It definitely will be part of my social media network with image and video sharing online. I also plan to Live Stream gameplay. I will be in game just about daily and I'd love to share with a group. My interests to play in guild are mainly WvW and raiding.

This is some of my account info:-Exotic Geared Guardian with Ascended trinkets-Daily world boss event and Map runner-Currently working on Armor and Weaponsmith leveling-50k PuG PVP Solo allocated rank wolf-(Beta)Vanilla WvW raiding experience up until mists patch in Sanctum of Rall World. (When SoR was top tier) yet I was a Necro then.-Completed most paths in PVE instances-4 level 80 charactersThanks for reading and you can find me in game every day.

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BUMP-20 Agony Resistance (Level 20 Fractal Experience)-Can Begin Guild Rep if Necessary-Headset/Mic ready with Discord/Skype/Vent/TS etc..-Rank 23 Mastery (Central Tyria)-Guild Wars 1 own all expansions , Need help getting HoM points if possible.Now that legendary armor is obtainable with expansion packs I don't have much to add except that I'm on for the grind to become an eventual hardcore PVE raider/ WVW raider. Although the differences between armor sets (Exotic->Ascended) are somewhat negligible I understand that's not the case in such intense group situations as these types of raids. So with that I should include that I'm not as competent in this field as others, and in need of "raid training" . Looking for active Guild still please don't hesitate to message me in-game or send recruiting info like websites my way, I try to reply right away. Also, here's my Contact info VIA G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/104705988078590552948

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Hey Walter!

I help lead and command for [TKx] Top Knocx. We are a late NA/OCX fight focused guild. We have been together as a guild 4+ years. We raid all 3 days on the weekend, plus 1-3 days during the week depending on commander availibility. We usually field about 15-25 TKx for raid. We run open(public) and closed(TKx only) raid nights.

We are a WvW-fight focused guild. So our rallies are always focused on finding fights in WvW. However, our members partake in other aspects of the game together and help each other outside of WvW raids. We also play other games together some during off time like Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, or whatever people wanna do!

You must be 18+ to join and be an adult(by personality). We can be very vulgar and insane; We like to have fun and joke around. With that being said, we always make sure we are respectful to fellow TKx. Drama is not tolerated in this guild at all, because of this I cannot remember the last time we had drama in TKx.

TKx is a family. We take care of each other: in game and out of game.

Our raids start at 12:30am US-Eastern. Raids last at least 3 hours, sometimes we go much longer, it really depends on my availibility. We always raid 3 days on the weekend at least, sometimes during the week. This is all announced daily on our discord.We are pretty chill on attendance, real life comes first and we trust our members to show up to raid as often as life allows them. We ask players to try and make at least 2 raids per week. If someone is not making an effort to attend raid and not communicating reason for lack of attendance, they will be removed from guild pretty quickly.

Overall we're pretty chill. We simply expect our members to come in raid and always try to improve themselves. Regardless of winning a fight or losing a fight, we ALWAYS look to do something better. Every single engagement. However, our performance in combat is something we are very hardcore (not chill) about.If you are playing like trash, we will not hesitate to call you out. But we will also help you and train you. We have frequent group training nights and do individual training as well.

We are currently on Yak's Bend. This week YB is open status, so now is a good time to xfer if you are interested. Servers typically change full/open status on Mondays. YB is usually full, so this week is maybe the only opportunity to transfer to YB you'll get, if you're interested in joining at all, want to make sure you get moved over before Monday.

Below I am going to attach a document that shows our basic rules and expectations.Before you bother reading:

  • We do require our members to have a working microphone, that they are willing to use frequently.
  • We run comped builds, you run TKx builds when raiding. No exceptions.
  • Communication is #1 in TKx. We are good communicators.

TKx expectations:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qc3wRRKAorElxkSmtjLD9TZAiWQTs0Mlm3PlVi-7Q9w

If you are interested in joining please mail me in game using Montana.8032 :)TKx does require an interview to join, so we will need to set up a time for that.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Even if you're not interested in TKx, I am happy to help however I can!

Best of luck!-Mits(Montana.8032)TKx Leader

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