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Why even do Stress tests?


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Why does Anet do stress tests? I mean seriously, people cant play the game. I am stuck on one map since hours, and have to close/restart game and HOPE to be able to switch the map so I can play.I dont know if Anet is working on GW2 on the weekend, if not its a pity an expac gets released on friday. If they do, why does no single Dev reply on all the "I cant change map"/"I cant log in with certain characters" etc.Starting an Expansion has its most important time at the first 3 days, when people come back to GW2 who left it, when PvP/WvW-People enjoy PvE and when no-lifers do what they always do. But no one can, because of some major mistakes.

PLEASE, next expac, do a REAL stress test. How? Go get people some loot which they can keep. Who cares for a new map if you cant keep the progression and need to do everything again in a few weeks? Get more people into stresstests, its not testing if you have 10% of the amount of players on the map while testing in comparison to those masses of players after the release.

Here the bug again:I want to port from Elon Riverlands to The Desolations. Endless loading screen. When I Alt + F4 or wait until i get the login server DC, this shows up:https://imgur.com/a/XproRAnd Im at a waypoint, NOT where i have been before.

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