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Cm modes for old Fractals

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I know the chances are low but I want to get out some ideas (and skip the time for the windows 1803 update)

Cliffside :After you killed the mops who guard the hammer you have 2-3 sec to get the hammer or you wipe or same goes when someone drop the hammer also when some dies because of the hammer condition got to 40 the group wipes.

I would add some doge game with fixed flamethrowers on the way up maybe also some mini boss

Last boss get a second boss at the same time and the condi fields tick faster .

Thaumanova Reactor:

I would made the disc phases of subject 6 unskipable and increase its lifepoints , the last boss get some push phase like in the new raid only smaller and more in addition to the disappearing platform. For the rest maybe a new boss in the rescue the personal part this was always the most boring and you need to close some more portals in the middle part with some elites.

Other :Maybe a fractal in which we can use mounts(and for those who haven't one an NPC)

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