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Please Make a Linux Client for this game!!

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Microsoft as of May 1st 2018 has new user agreement that violates everyone's privacy so allot of us will not be able to play the game until theres a viable alternative available for a PC like like a Linux Client!!please watch the video below or just look up on youtube:

May 1, 2018 - EULA - Microsoft User Agreement and MY Concerns! PART (1)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKOXyhavy-g

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Ironically, this video requires signing on to YouTube to watch. That has its own set of privacy concerns.

While it's unlikely for ANet to base its business strategy on, "how can we make things better for those who have privacy concerns about Windows," it's certain they will not take time to watch a video outlining the argument, without some indication of what those arguments might be first.

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I've probably slapped this thread almost everywhere by now: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/31192/playing-guild-wars-2-on-linux-performance-optimizations-and-more/p1?new=1

There's a lot to digest in the opening post, so without repeating myself much: The game runs very well with Wine Staging + PBA patches which is much better than just Wine Staging. The PBA patches keep the game overall smooth and you can participate in WvW/Meta/other crowded events at a decent 25+ fps in most cases. The good thing is that you don't necessarily need a monster PC to have a smooth experience in Linux, an i3 / 4-Core Ryzen CPU and a GT 1030 are great for a budget build.

The advantage of Linux is that the game is very stable and immune to all the crap Microsoft force feeds in Win10, on a weekend I even racked up 10 hours straight gameplay without restarting the game once, performance remained the same and barely 4GB ram usage. While a native version would be very welcome it's unlikely that it will ever happen, however what we have right now is not bad, a very good playable experience while still using the mighty penguin OS.

Windows 10 isn't just a concern for privacy, it disrespects the users' choice as well, example: You turn off System Restore, it re-enables itself soon after, some updates are forced and still apply even with the Windows Update service disabled. Often I see systems where an update goes wrong and renders the system unbootable, which creates a lot of hassle and possibly even paying money at a repair centre, the list goes on.

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