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Fashion engineering


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I intend to have every character at 80 and engineer is the last one left. All of my characters have a fashion theme and hopefully, this asura won't be an exception.The reason I created this thread is the Dynamic exo-suit outfit. It is gorgeous and fits engineer incredibly well. Sadly, I don't buy outfits because they are lazy way to get good looks and show complete lack of creativity.

I'm looking for gear which can make my engineer look "high-tech". Like with holographic stuff sticking from weird placed and gadgets all over and maybe some lightning to boot. Possibly a "mad scientist" , but not sure yet. Basically, something which resembles even remotely the exo-suit aesthetics. So far, the only thing I know which comes somewhat close is the asura cultural armor and this is not enough. Not perfect match, only the helm is really awesome imho.

Can you suggest armor pieces which fit this theme?

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Problem with medium is that its all leather robes. Something like the exo suit doesnt really exist. If you want a medium helmet, then the gas mask is techy, since its basicly the type of helmet you'd imagine space fighter pilots wearing. For armor... meh. Pants is the best thing one can hope for and there is two or so of those.

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@PistolWhip.2697 said:Errm magitech armour?

Aether blade Armour?

Even some of the glorious set pieces?

Engineers are a profession built around gadgets. I think it makes sense to make your engineer look the part. However, if in order to do so you require:1)Outfit from gem store(exo-suit)2) Magitech/Aetherblade (also gem store)3)Cultural armor which can only be used on a single race(T3 asura and the like)

I feel like we have serious customization problem. It is fine if Anet wants to make money by selling fashion items. However, is is not fine that THE ONLY way to achieve certain fashion is by buying gems. There are no alternatives, it seems. If you are not asura that is, but even for that race the choice is very limited.

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Not all engineers are scientists.

! 9TAahXE.jpg

! Ol2A2ZC.jpg

But there is a point. I longed to find a simple lab coat among the regular armor sets just like one would fancy the Noble armor and so on. When medium armor is extravagant it's always on the human thief or ranger side. Very few options are available for the regular engineer.

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I still spend hours customizing my characters, even after years. I love the challenge of requests, so here are a few ideas:

9Z7y6fC.jpgThis is the armor I am currently using on my thief, who is supposed to be half scientist half treasure-hunter ^^.

RYJXUWu.jpgA combination of POF armor, traditional armor and a very cool head-piece from Twilight Arbour. I like using that piece on futuristic characters, because it always looks like parts of a body-implant ^^.

dIqPbvt.jpgA combination of POF and racial armor. Especially the Asuran cultural armor is very nice.

78lHxYb.jpgThis one uses cultural, order and starter-pieces. The character is supposed to look like a tinkerer/crafter.

All previews have one thing in common, they should not be too difficult to aquire. I always try to suggest things which do not require gemstore-sets and not too much grinding of dungeons. The only difficult part is at the 3rd armor with the Ornate Guild Leggins. It is a bit of a pain to get them. But as you can see, they are barely noticable. So you can go for a cheap replacement, e. g. Sneakthief Leggins. Which looks equal or even better ^^.

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I don't know if it will help but here are 2 looks (the 2nd one has 3 versions where the glasses change) that I've tried on my asura ele (the wings backpack isn't part of the outfit). No skin on those outfits it's from the gemstore nor none is asura cultural armor. I suggest using bright dyes, since they give armor a more techy look. Electro dyes are awesome for this, but they're quite expensive. Enameled dyes are cool too.


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