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On Story Hooks - Living World Season 1 & 2


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ArenaNet has implied in the past that the Living World Season 1 context would be repeatable in the future releases - complete with chapters so that can all players enjoy, as they now. Narrative it an important aspect of the game and being able to play Living world season 1 - for those who missed it - would be an awesome experience. In future releases, ArenaNet has decided to give our character a "Commanding" personality and that is great because we can now experience our character's narrative as the hero our legend leads us to be. All those things are expressed through the recently added dialog that our character possesses, which make our role in the story far more defined.

Many of us - myself included - can be more than a little obsessive about the things we love and geek out about. I'm referring to rich themes with considerable depth, history, stories, and characters we love (or love to hate). "Speaking for myself, when I get into things like these, I really like to get into them." I think a big part of the love we have for these narratives is that the deeper we delve, the more there is to discover a world in which heroes we all know & love have full freedom to grow, travel, and kick ass on a worldwide scale. That means we have to be willing to look at work we’ve experienced in the past and honestly re-evaluate it because we bump things up to the modern standards. We are at odds with the design values of the game that ultimately limit our ability to realize its full potential.

ArenaNet has shown us that there is plenty. Instead of just being another blank mute that has to ask one-liner questions to the other characters in order to interact with them, I believe that the same logic should be applied to the previous Living World's Seasons that same way. It would give a sense of updated narrative for old players and a feeling of wholeness to the game for new ones. As a gamer, I really enjoy where Guild Wars is heading lore-wise, but I wish to experience the old chapters in the same way I experienced the new releases. I’m sure many of you can relate.

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@JohnRiddle.8196 said:ArenaNet has implied in the past that the Living World Season 1 context would be repeatable in the future releases - complete with chapters so that can all players enjoy, as they now.I can't think of anything that they've said that indicated that LS1 will ever come back to the game in any form, beyond showing cutscenes (or part of it showing up as a Fractal, as several current dungeons do already). On the contrary, they've said multiple times that they have no plans to do so, because (a) it's a ton of work, much more than some of us seem to think, (b) it would have to use the same resources that are currently used to produce LS4+ and expansion content, © there are always more players would want new content than those that want nostalgia content, & (d) it would be challenging to do LS1 well: the game has evolved, some of us remember just to fun parts (but not that bad bits), and expectations keep growing.

And this, by all accounts, is despite the fact that many people working at ANet want to see LS1 again, too.

tl;dr no, LS1 isn't going to return in any meaningful way any time soon.

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