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this is The Mercenary Thieves guild

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you can hire one of us via sending mail in game. we are willing to take on the job for the right price. i am the guild master Kiraema Itara. we currently have three members and looking for more as well as now jobs. you name it we can help you with it. ranging from pvp arena help to personal story help. we are skilled pve fighters and pvp fighters. send mail to Sassyonemeis.6251 or rjohn.9340 and explain what exactly what you want dont and for what price and you will get a quick response containing the answer and the name of who we contracted to you for that job. each person in our guild have unique skills and most likely wont fight in the traditional sense, but they will get the job done. if you have a complaint about one of our agents send them to the earlier mentioned names via in game mail.

happy hunting.-[TMT] Kiraema Itara

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