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Healing participation (for kills)


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Can someone explain properly how does the "healing participation" work on wvw this days?

example: FB meta. How do you get your kills when you make 0 damage and you heal for 100k to your allies. You get wxp from the dead players killed by the people you healed?

I mean exactly how does it work?


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Healing participation afaik assist with getting damage to reach tag threshhold (ie damage assists from the people you heal), but it doesnt actually get you the tag - you still have to tag people. So you have to do some damage.

The full minstrel FB meta is gimping itself and they only have themselves to blaim for it. The FB heals arent really needed anymore (support scourges fill in barriers and heals) and neither is FB stability, because the spellbreakers just steamroll the push immune to damage and conditions.

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@Vova.2640 said:

@Sovereign.1093 said:as long as you buff allies and they kill enemies, you get a share of the loot. =)

spread those positivity. =3

As far as I understand it you still need to get a hit in on the enemy to get credit. you have to 'tag' them

mmm... i thought it was simply as long you buffed your allies. maybe all the thorns i got as guard i suppost.

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