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Returning player, Pros and Cons of warrior?


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Depends on your gamemode?

In open world you can pretty much do whatever you want. I run a Spellbreaker, Berserker/Marauder stats. Healing Signet, Bull's Charge, Shake It Off, X, Rampage/Signet of Rage. Greatsword and Axe/Axe.

In WvW I swap my axes for either Hammer or a shield, grabbing Break Entchantments and Winds of Disentchantment alongside Balanced and Berserker Stances.

If you play a Berserker you have to think about how all of your damage is very directional. All you do is in front of you, can be easily avoided. Your entire spec is based around hitting stationary targets that you've set up using Headbutt, which doesn't work in any player vs player environment.

I can only recommend warrior because you'll be very tanky, you offer utility to groups and you deal impactful damage, especially in open world. What's important is that you always bring ways to cleanse conditions, otherwise you're not going to enjoy yourself. Using the Discipline traitline is extremely nice for that.

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Warripr is a great proffesions to learn/relearn the game. I dont know about pvp/wvw but in pve he doesnt need any hard combos, has good damage, is decently tanky and provide massive buffs to the group so every group want one. If you are looking for something that is good for begginer and can get you easily to T4 fractals and raids you have found it.

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