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Saw new PoF gem store package for 2000 gems yesterday and now it's gone.

Neo K.9145

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First off, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Yesterday right after the update I was on the game and just completed the first mission and after saw a pack for 2000 gems that included:

3 or 5 heroic boosters, 3 repair kits, 3 revive orbs.5 teleport to friend10 black lion keys + golden keydesert explorer packsomething else

I don't remember it exactly but that's the best from what I can remember. I think it was called PoF Survival Package or something like that. I didn't have long to play so got off shortly after seeing it and finishing the mission and planned to buy it today after I picked up some gems and had time to play. But today it's gone. I know I'm not crazy and it was there as my girlfriend was playing with me and she saw it as well and she was going to buy it too.

This is not some old item that just went away, this was a brand new item just added with the PoF update and it had nothing on it saying it was going away in 24 hours or anything like that. Just said New! and was right next to the Elonian Introductory Package.

Originally posted this on Reddit but got no responses there. I would like to know what happened to this as I wanted to get it. Did playing the first episode of the story screw me out of buying it? Did Anet remove it for some reason on purpose or by accident? I can't even find any record of it on the wiki or anywhere but I know it was there.

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