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[Suggestion] Armory for account bound gear

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Suggest a new storage, called Armory, that stores unlocked account bound equipment (armor, weapons, trinkets, unlimited gathering tools, including ascended, legendary, leveling equipment, rewards), so that items can be checked out by your character super quickly, without inconvenience, frustration, and tedium of swapping items back and forth between characters. Similar to wardrobe where any character can check out any skin, multiple characters can check out the same equipment without the hassle of moving the item around, no need to use vault/bank to swap items between characters. Characters will remember which items are currently checked out, so no need for the long tedious process of 1. Going to bank 2. Put items in inventory 3. Equip items 4. Play 5. Stop playing 6. Unequip items 7. Go to bank 8. Put items in bank. on every login and logout when switching characters, it becomes very tedious.

The Armory will avoid this tedium. The point of account bound gear is to share gear between characters. Right now, the process of sharing is unnecessarily inconvenient, tedious and repetitive.

Repercussion for other systems. Vault/bank/bag space will be freed up, less need for buying additional bank slots. If items are virtualized like wardrobe, how are skins and dyes applied?

Probably easiest solution then, is to make vault/bank the Armory, whereby characters can equip directly from the bank without actually moving the items back and forth in and out of characters' bags. Kind of like shared bag item slot, but remember you can only access bank at bank NPC or crafting station; unlike shared bag items which is always available by opening your bag.

Nevertheless, a new Armory that is always available regardless of your location is most convenient and desired. Especially for changing builds on the fly. A suggestion is to extend the inventory, to faciliate moving items in and out of Armory. The items should obviously be seen in the Hero window where you see the paper doll of your character, and be available to be equipped.

Perhaps the Armory is like a bank/inventory in that physical items are placed there (not like the wardrobe waiting for virtual skins to unlock). Like the bank, it comes with certain number of slots, which can be enlarged by purchasing additional slots (with gem). This solution then offers the convenience for players, while offering developers opportunity for revenue.

Tl;dr a tandem to the bank, the Armory stores items so that multiple characters can equip and use the same account bound items without hassle to unequip/equip upon login/logout, and the Armory items are always available from the Hero window.

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