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Why does tempest still use fart horn?

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I’m wondering, why the tempest is still using the fart horn sounds on his warhorn skills.As some of you might remember, ANet wanted to change the warhorn sound overall, but failed miserably—granting us the famous fart horn. :s Luckily all warhorn sounds have been restored not shortly after the new ones have been released.Tempest—on the other hand—still uses the fart horn. Okay, he never had the normal warhorn sounds, but shouldn’t they get adjusted to match with other warhorns? I’m asking, because the tempest’s warhorn sounds so unrealistic and I’d even pay, to make it sound like a warrior’s or ranger’s warhorn instead. :'(

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@"Mini Crinny.6190" said:There was a bug when Tempest first came out when it was that noise for everything, this bug was fixed so any ordinary Warhorns will have that sound, but Howler or the Super warhorns will have there distinct soundsI only use Krytan weapon skins with no special sound effects. But I also deactivated these special sounds you mentioned via the sound options. In other words, standard tempests only hear the fart horn plus the effect sound (like somekind of wind blowing, if using Cyclone).But I’d like to hear the normal warhorn sound plus the effect sound (like ranger’s Call of the Wild, where you have the standard sound plus the wolves’ howling).

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