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[NA][Raid][Static Raid Group Recruitment]


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About Us

We’re a group of players who come from various guilds and raiding backgrounds that are interested in having fun doing the most difficult challenges and achievements that GW2’s raid content has to offer; once everything is beaten, we have fun doing efficient clears of content on farm status and trying encounters on different classes and compositions. We recently finished W5's CMs achieving Voice in the Void and are currently farming wings one through five while we await the next raid wing and its challenge modes.

We depend on a group of 10 dedicated players who can attend nearly all scheduled raids so that we never need to exclude anyone from our runs; when we do have missing members, we tend to fill in with capable friends we’ve made that don’t depend on our group for their weekly clears. Videos of many of our recent weekly kills can be viewed on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/MBIHgaming to get a feel for the type of raiding environment we offer. We use and provide a TeamSpeak server for voice communication.

The group’s current raid times are Monday and Sunday from 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM eastern time. During progression, we also raid Tuesdays from 8:30 to 11:00 PM eastern time.

About You

We’re currently looking to recruit following our completion of VotV in preparation for the next raid release. An ideal new member would share many of the goals and expectations of our current members:

  • You should be looking to make fun, lasting relationships; many people in the group have known and played with each other for a while and enjoy doing other content or just hanging out together. We’d like to include someone who has the same motivations and fits socially into the group just as much as we’d like to include a competent player.

  • You should be able to make essentially all scheduled raids; occasional absences due to real-life obligations or unusual circumstances are understandable and expected, but this group depends on its members’ reliability so that we can run a small crew and still meet our goals.

  • You should be interested in (and ultimately capable of) clearing new content and its associated challenge motes/achievements as they are released. Frequently when new content is released our group will put farming old content on hold as we tackle these new challenges, and ideally this is something that interests you as well. We are currently in this progression mode as we put scheduled farm raids on hold to learn the new content.

  • You should always strive to play your best, but also understand that mistakes happen and that it’s better to learn from them than to get bent out of shape. You ideally are able to identify what you or the group are struggling with and can make quick adjustments to improve execution and clear bosses.

  • You have the ability and willingness to communicate over TeamSpeak; this is partially for strategizing during encounters, but we also have a fun time chatting during our raids and we’d like you to be able to have fun with us.

  • You have at least three classes you feel comfortable you could bring to a raid environment; one of these should be a support role (Chrono, Druid). This means that you’re familiar with how that class fits into the raid meta, you’ve practiced it both on raid golems and other content, and you’ve geared it appropriately for its meta role. As your time with us increases, there is a general expectation that you will gear and practice additional classes and roles to prepare for future content and balance changes. In the event that a class is exceptional for a strategy on a particular CM encounter, we'd expect you to make efforts to gear/practice that character as required.

  • Ideally you have kill-experience with all of GW2’s W 1-5 raid content. Demonstrable experience with other top end game content from GW2 (T4 fractals, PvP, gold adventures, etc) and/or raid experience from other games (WoW, FF14, Wildstar, etc) is a plus. Challenge mode kills from previous wings or fractals are also beneficial.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in pursuing this raiding opportunity with us or have any questions you can message me (Villain.1056) in-game; if I’m not online, feel free to leave me a message using the mail system and we’ll arrange a time to talk.

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