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Suggestions: Maps, Living World, and others


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Preparing now for all the "git gud" BS but hoping people will see fit to spare me it.

I'm excited for PoF but I'm really hoping that some of the worst pains of HoT and LS S3 are avoided - specifically the layered maps that are extremely hard to get around (Tangled Depths and Draconis Mons specifically), fights that don't rely on skill but rather use false difficulty such as confusing effects, one hit kills/start over if you die, flashing lights, and gimmicks (Most of the end bosses in LS S3 are guilty of this - c'mon, Anet, I have migraine triggers and reflex issues - but also the nightmare that is the glitch o'rama called Hearts and Minds that is still a mess and the lovely 'run away with the egg' one mistake you start over - this is why I've only completed HoT ONCE) and an increasing focus on making things like exploring and playing through the story as much of a pain as humanly possible. There have been some great new maps - Ember Bay, Lake Doric, and the new Orr map - but when the entire map is one big jumping puzzle of agony just to get map completion or to get where I need to go... just why? I like maps that are clever and make me explore to find a way to different points (I love the "aha!" moment too when I realize it was right in front of me), I've done basic map completion like 8 times now. I don't like having to rely on perfect reflexes and timing (which I don't have, being disabled is awesome) to get a POI and if I fail, it could take 20 minutes to get back there because there are all of 3 waypoints. These are not skills I have, you might as well ask a pig to grow wings. I also love the way the story builds me up to a big boss fight or exciting discovery.. but when it's full of flashing lights, small rooms, gimmicky crap, and increasingly and purposely annoying battles and mechanics... I feel cheated and frustrated. There are no save points in instances so yes, I do expect to clear it the first time. Especially if it's a long instance like Confessor's End. Give me a few save points and I might feel differently. These are solo stories meant to be completed alone so while I appreciate trying to provide a challenge, flashing lights, spinning rooms, knock downs, grainy filters, and no retries isn't a way to do it when playing to a casual audience. This just makes me angry and annoyed. It's not fun. I play this game for fun and no other reason. The less fun new content is, the more likely I am to find another game. One that doesn't give me NES Ninja Gaiden flashbacks.

The lack of WPs I saw in the PoF beta worried me... but I also noticed the map wasn't a layered nightmare and mounts moved pretty fast. While mounts in non-PoF maps will solve a lot of WP issues, it's not going to make layered maps any better.. unless there is a flying mount. The PoF opening story is also preeetttttty long, is there no way we can have halfway points? It would be great if I was getting my butt handed to me (especially in Confessor's End) and I could go take a break to return to that fight later, refreshed, instead of redoing the entire instance.

Just things to consider. I love GW2 and I don't want to see it turn into yet another game that I can't play. See ya in Tyria!

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