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Mad Memoires: Complete Edition Recovery

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I submitted a ticket 2 years ago about this. The ticket is as follows:

Hello there,

Ages ago when the Halloween event for the Mad King was happening, I did all the required events to obtain the Mad Memoires: Complete Edition backpack (the one with the nice looking flames). Silly me back then replaced that skin for who knows what before the major wardrobe update was released. Is there any possible way I could recover that backpack?

If there are plans on hosting another Mad King Halloween event then I could just obtain it again then, but if not, I would really like a way to obtain it again. I think that would be the only backpack I would use because of all the fancy fire coming out of it!

Thank you for listening to my plea,


I got a reply from GM SwayedUp roughly 5 days after submitting that ticket:

Hey princeboi,

I looked up the item and I couldn't find it on your account, sorry about that, it may have been due to the Wardrobe update. I'm not sure about the plans for the Halloween events but I would try posting on the forums and maybe a dev could give you a answer. Sorry I wasn't so much help man.


GM SwayedUpGuild Wars 2 Support Teamhttp://help.guildwars2.com/

I didn't make a forum post back then because I forgot about it due to personal reasons, but here I am now making the forum post! Although I cannot obtain screenshot proof that I did do the events that lead up to the reward of the item, shouldn't the achievements I already have on my account be enough proof?

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Yes. Screenshot your achievement showing you obtained the item, as it should appear in the pane, and your contact tab open to show your ingame ID in the same shot.I did this with the Shattered Holographic Dragon Wings last year or the year before and was sent a replacement (an item that has no stats, can’t be upgraded or applied, but does unlock the skin in the Wardrobe). Be concise and direct in your ticket and it should be easily resolved.

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What Haleydawn said. If you have the achievement unlocked, screenshot it and make a new ticket about it.

As a side note, though, they added the Mad Memoires chain back to the game last Halloween and even added a couple extra steps with a couple of extra skins, as well. So, if support can't grant you the Mad Memoires: Complete skin now, you can do the events at Halloween to get it.

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@RoseofGilead.8907 said:

@Khisanth.2948 said:That was not an item from an achievement. So there is no way to screenshot the achievement.

Ahh, you're right. That first Halloween was set up into Acts that didn't have an overall achievement tied to each Act. So yeah, no achievement to screenshot.

The other thing that people keep forgetting is that you don't need the first tier to get the second and getting the second doesn't destroy the first.

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For some items, it would be worth tracking down screenshots or something to show proof of completion.

However, in this case, and as mentioned above, the OP need only wait for October and then they'll be able to re-obtain the skins (along with some AP and more skins). Since the OP has gone this long without them, why not wait another 5 months instead of spending valuable gaming time tracking down the issue?

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