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Disconnections when exploring Crystal Oasis results in lost progress


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I'm amongst the ones that are having continuously disconnection issues. This morning during the first Story Instance, "Sparking The Flame", just when I was about to finish it, resulted in the fact that I had to redo it from the beginning.Now I got a disconnection issue just after having finished "Night of Fires" during the loading screen. Afterwards, upon re-entering the game, I went around for 5 minutes top and unlocked a few spots on the map "Crystal Oasis" (Destiny's Gorge Waypoint, Amnoon Way Station) then I had 2 disconnections, one that took me to the Character selection and the other one that closed my client that resulted in lost progress in map completion. After I re-entered the game I saw the lost progress and the fact that I was again at the Temple of Kormir just like after finishing "Night of Fires" story instance.

I'm on EU, server Desolation, playing from Italy if it helps.

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