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Berzerker Request

patton the great.7126

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Back in august warrior as we all know had it's rage function changed for Zerker, After enraging we no longer were able to attain the 3 heal stacks nor the added bonus of a larger CleansingIre. I understand that the build was over used, and that it was detrimental to the future of Spell breaker. I would like to request that a change be made to our rage and allow us to enrageafter tier 1 rather than having to wait until tier 3 before we can enrage. Of course I wish you would revert the change back and let us generate the 3 stacks again ( You know awful condimeta and all), but I know the chances of that are slim. I just think if we can go into burst mode a little quicker it would free up certain abilities that we just can't afford to use over an instanttier 3 skill.Currently in this meta playing power Zerker is an automatic handicap when dealing with the conditions that are so readily available. Before you say, buy PoF and upgrade, I did, and I do likespell breaker and plan to use it, but I really enjoy the Zerker mechanics and what that trait line represents. Please give us a fix, I know you all have a lot of more pressing things to worryabout, but I just figured I'd give it a go and present the idea. I don't know what it would do to the class, but I just hope for something, I've spent the last month or so trying to find a happyworkable alternative, I even went so low as to play rev and guard...I felt sooo dirty..... Please save power zerker from the ash heep of tyria!

Thanks,A longtime Guild Wars Warrior

Edit: I have no idea what happend to the text.

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