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[NA][TC][WvW][GOAT]: Small scale havoc, building onto our team, engage the beard.

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Name: Goats of Thunder

Modes: WvW, sPVP and some open world/PVE

Guild Rank: Level 69

Current Roster: 200 total

Style: Hard and tightCommunication:

DiscordWvW Server: Tarnished Coast (Official)

Builds: Comped build enforced for WvW and Raids

Experience: Any

Active Times: Members are on late, we get busy around 8pm ESTGuild Missions: Yes


GOAT is open to Alliances with darkness, delicious delectable evil and a side dish of hot sauce. The actual alliances in the game are a frictionless lie propagated by those who wish to remain in power. Fortunately, we’ve killed those people and ate their liver. Really though I’d totally align myself with you.Understand we are a causal yet hardcore guild. What does that mean? It means we go hard on comp nights, easy listening mode on theme nights and yet always have a thirst for blood burning in our veins on a nightly basis. Come and play. You’ll enjoy what you find here…


The Mission

Thunder booms overhead. The rain is to the north today. The wind blowing toward us which is in our favor. Our enemies shall not sense our presence. Too foolhardy to even understand our vast and excruciating attention to details such as armor clipping or wandering Charrbury tales. Very different from duck tales I assure you. No. On this day, we take the borderlands back. This is our home. Our story. Will you be a partner to our chapter headings? Or will you merely be an annotated line stitched across our appendix? Choose wisely.How the guild operatesEach night we gather together around a small bonfire telling us about the vanities, what we found in our toast this morning. One time I found a spiritual leader in there. Squeezing that person daily absolutely left us with a beverage we could then sell at a premium price at our local Kmart. Once we had guild builds and then I printed them out, put those in a large dump truck, put the guild member who habitually showed up late in the driver seat and sent that into a ravine.


How you fit in

We need the strange, the weary, those who are brand new and willing to learn, folks who are looking for a long term home and community. My guild isn't for everyone. We are the outcasts from society, those on the fringe edge of the village that others look to for wisdom and guidance. My GOATs are more than just guild members. I consider them part of my clan. Bonded by laughter, emblazoned with the madness that is being free to do what you do best. Scouts are very welcome, those who prioritize the Home Borderland and understand morale boosting for a team are necessary. Plus I help people refine their sins into a weapon capable of great deeds and even more loosely acceptable social mores like leather chaps.


Requirements and Information• · We use Discord as our main communication tool (Voice and Text)• · All players welcome regardless of background, class or experience• · We have information on Builds available yet we won’t share them outside of a small group of people who routinely engage in the Guild Dungeon• · All members should be 18+ or understand that this is a mature environment• · WvW/SPVP/Open World/Fractals/Fashion Wars are our only forms for content. Crap, that’s like everything in the game.


We offer to you• · We combine efforts with other guilds in order to provide a better experience and also to prevent burnout among our commanders• · Training on a nightly basis assuming we aren't arguing over which color commander tag to use• · Long term veteran PVP players who are willing to not be unruly jerks and yet still win fights• · Guild members who understand that we are all busy individuals and still want to enjoy having a great time together in a competitive game mode• · Havoc within WvW to determine who can possibly wind up wearing the least amount of clothing while not dying (on havoc nights you can absolutely bring whatever class you like!)• · Organized chaos that leaves a sweet taste of honey and necromancy on the lips. It tends to give off a strange odor but will also numb you to the pain of balance issues


What you bring to the table• · Burning desire to succeed despite adversity, lag, clicking your skills (please for the love of Nyarlathotep don’t do this)• · RPing in a varying and stimulating manner on various occasions where it is obviously inappropriate. Possible not even legal. We generally ask that our enemies RP as loot.• · An open mind understanding that with changes to the stats, game and meta we will need to revamp our comp from time to time. GW2 is not a grind based game (thankfully) so this isn’t as bad as other games.• · Be active. I cannot stress this enough. You can always join the Discord if you just like us for the social aspects. I expect people in the game to be involved.• · Ridiculous amounts of humor. I take PVP and WvW seriously yet we are complete goofballs. We like to have a good time.• · Toast• · Wait, I'm gluten free now. kitten. Okay, give someone else the toast.



  1. Harassment of other members will not be tolerated.
  2. This is an inclusive guild (I'm a family man myself and I identify as part of the LGBTQIA community.)
  3. Please be active! This includes either text based chat or voice.
  4. If you want something specific done in game be willing to lead it yourself.
  5. Enjoy yourself.

Contact: In Game: Fatherbliss.4701 (Guild Leader), Terrorscream.5289 (Guild recruiting Officer and WvW commander), Catryona.9280 (PVE lead Officer)Thank you and may the gods enable you to enjoy both leather and lace in the privacy of your own home.

Join our discord! Learn far more about us than you ever wanted to know!

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