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[NA][TC][WvW][GOAT]: Small scale havoc, building onto our team, engage the beard.

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@Alizakill.2157 said:dice landed on 8 and this is a very amusing thread

Thank you for your response. Our staff of Yaks will be along shortly to divulge secrets of the Golem Gods directly to your door. It appears that you enjoy Snapple, are someone that disdains White Claw plus you secretly wish that we would mail you something that has been in our coffers.

Be on the lookout for our special sauce launching next month! It’s made from the ground up remains leftover after the last Wintersday. Mostly players who don’t make it to the end of the jumping puzzle. So sad.


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@CrunchyJoJo.2146 said:Hello! I’m new to this game and I have a lvl80 warrior. I would like to get in pvp. May I join your guild?

Why you certainly may join us! GOAT right now is geared more towards the social aspects and answering questions. I want to get back into the habit of scheduled events in the coming year. Many of us are still out for the holidays. We do more WvW than sPVP but come on in and check us out. :) Our discord is in the initial message here which is the best method to get to know us. Additionally I’ll flip you an invite once I’m online again. I’m also leading GHOUL which is more havoc style and geared specifically towards WvW content.

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