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[NA][TC][WvW][GOAT]: Small scale havoc, building onto our team, engage the beard.

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@Fatherbliss.4701 said:

@zhaochan.5276 said:So i'm currently semi-active. Been playing on/off the past year, recently started getting back in. I would like a chance to lurk about in your guild if that's okay. My discord is NINTH#7667 if i don't respond in game.

Gotcha! This is my fault for not checking the forums in a few days. lol. You are absolutely welcome to come check us out first before making a solid decision! We're super active inside of discord as most of us text chat throughout the day while working. People are on all the time but I'd say we are most busy during the night hours.

lol Noice, could i get a link to the discord? The one posted isn't working for me.

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