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[NA][TC][WvW][GOAT]: Small scale havoc, building onto our team, engage the beard.

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Sometimes I feel lonely. Then I remember alll of the grey spikes in my bag that are tokens of appreciation from my enemies. This one is engraved:

“Dear Father Bliss -

It was a pleasure meeting you today on the border lands. You seem awfully angry for some reason. Though I attempted communicating for some reason I was instantly killed by a barrage of poison, set of fire, tormented when I tried to run and also deathly afraid which led to a chill. Your scythe hit me in the knee. Then a group of 20 people came by and also added to the mayhem. I dare say you didn’t need that many people to rifle my pockets. Fortunately I already gave all of my belongings to the 40 JQ who had stabbed me into ghost form not ten minutes before.

Your group then dropped rams on me and paraded around singing some awful song i couldn’t really hear. While wearing red hats. The hate seems real

I forgive you. It is that season. You resurrected me to serve in your undead army but apparently I’m only going to be making pumpkin pie in the kitchen.

Yours truly,Fred Durst

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@muCephei.9428 said:I've only joined GOAT recently, but they are a wonderful bunch to play with. So far none of them have tried to kill me or leave me for dead, and child sacrifices have been minimal. If you're looking for fun bunch of people to WvW and talk with, you should check GOAT out.

It's now been 2 months since I joined the guild and I'm happy to report that I'm still alive and I can easy count on 2 hands the number of child sacrifices that I have been apart of since. Truly an upstanding bunch, if you're looking for a group to play with GOAT should easily not be your last choice! <3

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