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Shrine Guardian Jackal Skin

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@TheNecrosanct.4028 said:

@"Ayakaru.6583" said:A Canthan can dream,

Of course you can. But don't get your hopes up. In this overly PC age, I would find it highly unlikely that we get a Canthan expansion. The first time they did it there was a backlash as well. That certainly will not go down better in today's climate.

No, there wasn't a backlash. Or at least, we have no evidence that was a reason. All we know is that (a) GW1 had a Cantha, (b) GW2 had a DR Canthan district ready for launch, and © it was removed at the last moment. We don't know why; we only have speculation.

Only a single dev has commented on the situation and this is the full text of what was said:

We had a Cantha district. It was built out. It was polished. It was beautiful. We kept getting feedback about the Asian market. And everyone was having a problem with it because the Chinese don't like having their architecture mixed with Koreans and the Koreans don't like having their architecture with the Chinese. And of course it's fantasy smorgosbord. It's gothic mixed with Nordic mixed with ... that's just the way fantasy works. But not over there apparently. So it got to the point where we were like ... well, what do we do with this spot? We don't have time to rebuild from scratch, so we just nuked it.

The only actual fact we have is that there were plans for a Canthan district in Divinity's Reach and that it was removed at the last minute. "We kept getting feedback" is ambiguous about the source. We don't know if a Korean VP over at NCSOFT said, "don't do it" ("Everyone was having a problem" is exactly the sort of thing I've heard VPs say when they mean, "I have a problem with it." ) Maybe there was last minute feedback from playtesters in Asia. Or perhaps ANet had just entered into negotiations with KongZhong (the current publisher for the China version of the game) and they had an opinion. Or it could have been something else entirely.

It's not clear at all if this prevents GW2 from going to Cantha or if GW can do so but only under certain conditions or ... It could even be a tiny issue, but as a business, ANet might have decided, "why bother dealing with it at all, when we still have so many other places to go without worrying about what a vocal minority have to say."

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