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Client won't start

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This issue may be on my end, but its consistent even after updates.The client can be launched but crashes after a few moments.I check my graphics card drivers and it says they are ready to install.I install them and can launch the game, but if I shut the client down, it does the same process over again.

I have rebooted, but the issue remains persistentDownloaded drivers again and installed but issue pops up still when client launched.

Current running: Geoforce GTX 750

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I got the same issue.It was for me, that the new driver, provided trough Geforce Experience, wasn't installed successfully.It proposed to me to install, reintall and reinstall again without any error.I did uninstall GeForce Experience.Reinstall GoForce Experience.Install the last driver.Restart the computer.Now everything is working.

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I had various things failing out; the most recent NVIDIA drivers, as of yesterday, fixed a resource leak when anything used the "NVAPI", which means more or less anything monitoring the device. Updating to current (regardless of using the GeForce Experience app, or not) is definitely worth doing.

Following up in an edit: I have no longer a problem with memory exhaustion errors anywhere. I believe that updating to the latest NVIDIA driver will resolve these problems.

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