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05/08 Patch, Underwater Stealth no longer possible?


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For about 5 years, it was possible to stealth as an underwater ele. With Earth 5 and a blast finisher.With the patch today, you have to target an enemy for Earth #5 to work. Then if you use a blast finisher, the area stealth message will appear but you won't be stealth.You'll be revealed, because your blast finisher hit a target. So, either Earth #5 needs to be changed where it does not require a target or we'll need a blast finisher that does 0 damage, to get stealth to work again (I'm guessing).Does anyone have any ideas on how Elementalist can still stealth underwater?

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@Lasiurus.4067 said:I still do it, and i'm still able to use it without target :) Still works. I casted it from underwater on earth & it worked.

Weird, I was practicing in the guild hall and the murky water went through the terrain or I couldn't find. I'll try it out of an instance, thank you for the info :D

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