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Returner looking for a PvP/WvW guild on AM


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Since I started to play Guild Wars again I was looking for a guild on Abbadon's Mouth. I have no problem to do some dungeons or a raid if you need a helping hand, but my focus is on PvP and WvW. At the moment my time is limited because of my work, which means I'm only able to play sometimes after work but mostly on saturday evenings. I just want to make clear that my family and friends are placed over the game, what not means I'm never active but if I have to choose between my family/friends or the game I pick my family/friends. But dates who are set in stones (F.e. If i applied to PvP-training) I always try to participate.

What do I offer

  • An age of 26 years
  • Interest and joy in WvW and PvP, but if you need a helping hand in a dungeon or a raid I'm always glad to help
  • Experience with elementalist and warrior
  • Some experience with the necromancer and ranger
  • Lots of humour: If I fail at something I can also laugh about myself
  • Learn from my mistakes, improve my builds and be a helpful member in the team
  • Seasonal silver rank (900+ MMR)

What do I seek

  • A guild on the focus on WvW and PvP
  • A team that won't form a zerg in WvW and plays in small groups to claim camps, ruins and outposts. Sabotage the material delivery from our enemys. I see more fun in this, than just follow a red triangle with other players and get points.
  • Play PvP as a team; communicate, capping places, revive, all the basic stuff that most of the player won't do in PvP and WvW


  • Own all Add-Ons
  • My warrior and elementalist have max level
  • My necromancer and ranger are around level 50
  • I don't own any ascended armor or weapons, because I don't have the time and the money for this
  • Own for my elementalist and warrior dungeon armor and weapon sets.
  • I have Teamspeak and Discord and own a functioning headset.
  • My second language is german.
  • I play on Abaddon's Mouth but I don't have a problem to switch the server.

If you have any questions send me a pm or a mail ingame.


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