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[Suggestion] Change of Prime Light Beam


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i had a little suggestion to the Engineer, the new spec Holosmith plays ncie and so but it is as many others write the engineer is more mle clas than a range clas and i see it coming that the meta build will be soemthing holo with grenades :-( and i have to say i hate it that the grenade kit si so strong while others are so lalaala ....

So heres my suggestion to coutner some of the problems, make the Prime Light Beam a new range kit the actual ability you can leave it in the kit as an 60 sec cd on 5 or een longer to have an ultimate ability feeling but give it 4 other skills for range so you can even do better range builds with the engineer.


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@Vagrant.7206 said:

We finally got a skill worth being in an elite slot,
leave it alone!!!


For far too long we have had "elites" that I would generally consider worse than utility skills. Please don't change this.

All of this.

Seriously. Leave it well enough alone. For taff's own sake - we JUST MANAGED TO GET A SKILL THAT'S WORTH THE SLOT AND DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SUPPLY DROP.HUSH, ODI.

As for the concerns of the new meta being something with grenade kits - don't be concerned.I've been running Hard Light Arena, Photon Wall and Spectrum Shield with sword + shield (Firearms and Inventions trait lines) and Assassin's stats.

Not only do things melt into death three seconds after I enter the fight, but I'm able to use my CDs to take a few hits more than the average melt-face nuker DPS.

Holosmith is fine where it is. Prime Light Beam is fantastic for when I've needed to disengage for a moment to reassess where AoEs are/interrupt an entire group.

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@Dragisnaj.2053 said:i wouldnt nerfe it or anything? simply that the actual beam is a skill of the whole kit with longer cds and an autoatack for range switch, or at least if you play holo give us a 2nd weapon when u use only exceed as you sugested above you have 0 range option only the 1 min cd and the 4 from holo ....

Making it a kit would be nerfing it, as we can't swap weapons while Photon Forge has us locked into it. While outside of Photon Forge is the best timing for it in a DPS rotation, it makes the skill a lot harder to use in PvP.

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