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Suggestion to make Spellbreak more viable in PvE


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If the enemies we faced in PoF used more boons Spellbreaker could actually make use of their top line of traits and utility skills like Break Enchantments.

This would also add another level of complexity to the enemies we face. Instead of some enemies just being tough, they're tough because they pulse Protection and Regen. Another enemy hits hard because its attacks apply might and Fury. Maybe rarely a certain type of enemy applies some resistance to itself.

I feel like this has been a problem since launch, the combat in general seems designed from a PvP standpoint but the AI don't use any of the same mechanics the players do, or if they do it's very rare. Many of the new enemies do have fun to face mechanics, but that doesn't change that using specs like Spellbreaker are just going to be flat out worse than other options. Even more so since condi Berserker has been nerfed twice since launch. It seems strange to have these mechanics in the game - but only use them on the player side. Break Bars were fantastic for making CC useable in PvE, so why not boons? Maybe some enemies can have unique boons and for meta events and bosses make it only possible to strip 1 stack at a time or something similar.

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