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Casual Player w/o a lot of friends LF PvX Guild in Gate of Madness Server (My TZ is UTC -4:00)

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Hello people! My player name as seen above is Demonick (yeah, with a "k"). I bought the HoT expansion 2 years ago, in 2016, however I don't have 2 years of playing this wonderful game because of problems beyond my control (ISP problems) and problems that were in my control (A little hiatus while I focused on other games).

I'm looking for a guild that helps me to discover end-game content and maxing my build for fractals and maybe, sometime, complete raids. I'm extremely collaborative if I have the time for the planned activities, and I have somewhat knowledge of the game, however I still have a lot to learn from what I've seen (Mostly PvP and WvW wise). My primary objectives is maximizing my build and obtaining legendary equipment in the future, however I've seen that is kinda difficult if you don't have the time and people that could help you (I know you can do it solo, but sometimes is kinda boring to go solo).

I only have the HoT expansion, my characters are the following:-Scarlet Raaze: Zerk Daredevil (currently my main) All accesories (not including back) and chest are ascended, the rest is exotic. (Full Damage)-Rand Blackcleaver: Zerk Reaper. Ascended Amulet and Rings. The rest is exotic. (Conditions)-Braar Sawtail: Revenant (still developing into Herald). (Boons)-Alanna Viera: Ranger (still developing into Druid). (Healing)

Hope I'm electible for your guild taking in account my goals as a player in this game.

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