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Beta Revenant Mist Weapons is live


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https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Zeghai_of_the_LostI just learned of this. The merchant sells ascended recipes for the Mistbreaker hammer, the Mistcleaver axe and the Mistrender mace.

Appearently he only appears for a limited time at certain locations, and the recipes seems tied to location.

I love that they finally added these weapons. But sad that there isnt a full set of them :(But they match with the Guardian Arc shortbow for Renegades.

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Acording to the reddit chatter, the merchant spawns in all already active maps maps every even hour+15 mins, so like 20.15 and staying for 25 before poofing.The map has to be active before he spawns, he wont spawn in a new fresh map.

Edit: Interesting, checked the Reddit blabber. Appearently these mist weapon recipes, which only can be bought by a 80 revenant, is a cheaper craftable ascended weapons than standard ones. Hammer, Axe and Mace. Not seen the recipes myself yet, but I will post when he spawns.

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