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Per Wikipedia: "In video games, power-ups are objects that instantly benefit or add extra abilities to the game character as a game mechanic. "

While we have food and utility buffs, along with the guild banner buffs, something that MMORPG's in general are missing is the old traditional Power-up.

The way I see this happening is that randomly across Tyria, a "Power-up" will appear. Touching it will give you a random buff that lasts for a few minutes to 24hours (depending on the buff)

Placement of the Power-Up can be done with the mechanics that allow the Anomaly to pop up randomly. The time length can be extended so it persists an hour or two.Touching the power up, whether mounted or not, instantly applies a buff which is persistent across zones (function is similar to that of guild banner buffs).

Why have this when we already have food/utility/banners? Because it would allow Arenanet to add in buffs that would otherwise be considered overpowered if they were readily accessible on player demand. The idea is random buffs that can make a substantial difference. Additionally, it would allow for seasonal versions.

These Power-Ups could be split into categories such as Armor, DPS, Seasonal, Cosmetic

Examples (see the word there? Examples, meaning they don't have to be these. They are simply to provide food for thought on how this could work):Armor examples:

  • An increase of x% amount to vitality and/or toughness for y amount of time.
  • "Unbreakable" (uses the "outnumbered" buff from WvW) for something like 1hour, where if you die, your armor does not take damage

DPS examples:

  • An increase of power and/or Condition damage of x amount for y amount of time.
  • Berserker mode: run speed increase of 50% plus a 10% additional damage (like a super superior sigil of Force that only last 10minutes or so)


  • Winters Presence buff: Enjoy the effects of having the Winters Presence infusion for half an hour
  • SAB Buff: x% chance to loot Baubles when harvesting nodes (1 hour duration)


  • Random Infusion/Aura buff for 10 to 30 minutes (Not sure on the time for this and the winters presence one, as it should be long enough to enjoy, but short enough so that it does not diminish the value of the actual infusions. That said the idea of Power-Up's is that they are not something you're going to find easily).
  • Auras that are unique to power-ups (could be tied in with the Armor/DPS buffs, so others can see the buff is in effect on an individual without having to have them in party/squad/targeted)

If properly implemented, this could also become a test bed for changes to current food buffs, or to test new ones. It would also allow for cross-classing of trait buffs (example: A person could find a buff that, for 10minutes or so, gives them the effect of Spotter from the Ranger class)

I believe something like this could be introduced into the game using existing game mechanics. I can see the trait sharing power-ups being a potential problem on the coding side, as they are probably bound to each class as far as programming goes, but it's just an idea. It would also encourage exploration (there could be an achievement for having used one of each type of power-up or something along those lines). It allows the use and testing of buffs that would otherwise be very overpowered, simply because they would be difficult to find, limited by time, and completely RNG as to whether or not you get the OP buff or not.

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