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Support Ticket Lost in the Cracks?

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I placed support ticket #6889161 on April 30th (9 days ago now). I haven't heard a peep since the original auto-reply. You guys are usually pretty fast about getting back to me, especially on Gem Store related issues. Can someone check and make sure my issue hasn't fallen through the cracks? I'm trying to be patient, but as I said, it has been way longer than your usual response time already and I'm getting worried. (I replied twice to update the issue, but it hasn't brought a reply yet).

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The response time is slower then usual. But @Gaile Gray.6029 also said there where two more tickets that seemed to have fallen between the cracks (please note the word seemed, it is under investigation, there might be very strong reasons for the delay). I tagged her to check if this is in a crack, or you just need to be patient. Please note she can not make you jump queues and her time is limited as well. So the best thing is to make yet another update and sit out the waiting time.

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