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Facets after Patch

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Its got to be a bug for sure. At the start of a PvP match, the first time you use your facets they only pulse the initial boon, then they stop pulsing. Also, they don't go away until you use the active ability, even if you legend swap. Example, at start of match if I use facet of darkness, fury will only pulse once, and unless I pop the stun break, the actual facet effect on my bar will still be active and eat energy, even if its not pulsing boons or if I'm in a different legend. This only happens at the start of a PvP match though. Once you use the active abilities then activate the passive again off cool down, it works as normal.

ANET please fix this problem, this class doesn't need more unanswered bugs. Another big one is sword #3 bugs out a lot. The button gets pressed but the ability doesn't activate and the skill goes on cool down (the character still gets a mist effect). It can really mess up crucial moments. @Ben Phongluangtham.1065

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