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Paying for help ( Guild Hall )

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Hello. This Friday coming up I plan to do a guild hall mission for my solo guild. I've tried to do it solo but it's impossible for me. Trying to see if I could recruit people and pay them for the help. If you are interested please reply on this forum or message me in-game and let me know the price you want for your time and help. Thank you =)

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I just wanted to make you aware of the fact that some guild missions can definitely be done solo. In particular, Guild Races, easy Guild Bounties or easy Guild Treks are very good for players who are soloing the content, or have only a few members who are not always available/active.

  • For Guild Races, just go to the race area and chances are another guild will be doing it already. So long as you participate in the active race, and 15 people cross the line before the timer ends, even if they are from the other guild, you will complete it successfully so long as you cross the finish line at least once yourself.
  • For Easy Guild Bounties, it's pretty much the same. Just search for the bounty in question and chances are other guilds are already hunting it. Just advertise on the map once you've found it and see if people come, if they don't just ask for help in the map chat and I'm sure players will assist. So long as the bounty dies and you deal damage to it, you will succeed at the guild mission and get the rewards.
  • Easy Guild Treks only require you to visit 5 locations to succeed, which is doable by one player within the allotted time, so long as you know where to go. There's a list of locations on the GW2 wiki, so finding them with that resources is not difficult. Once you get used to the locations, they become easier to find over time and eventually you will rely on references less.

Another thing some players might not be aware of is the fact that you can set preferences for guild missions to either PvE, PvP or WvW. Choosing any of these will make it so that future guild missions listed for each difficulty will be based on your preference, with the only exception being extra guild missions assigned through guild upgrades. You can do this under the Guild Missions tab.

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention all this just in case, because you really don't absolutely have to pay other players to help you with missions if you're trying to earn favor for upgrades, and even if you still go down that route, this is useful to know for instances where other players are not available, etc.

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The time is not good for me to help but as an FYI if you don't get it Friday is to try listing in LFG.

I'm in a two man guild and we offered two gold per person for volunteers, had a group of five together in about fifteen minutes.

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