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Support ticket awaiting.

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Hello.It's been a while since I open a support ticket (/requests/6893136) and create a forum topic.https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/38798/guild-wars-2-been-blocked-in-russia

But instead of trying to help me or at least to say something like "we can't help you there"All you do is: close my forum topic and totally ignore my support ticket.

One week has passed.If you dont care - so say that "yes, we Anet and we dont give a thing to russian players"If you care please answer me something like "yea, we're working over it, please be patient we'll respond you in 72 hours"

muy malo Anet, muy malo!

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If it's part of Russia blocking the telegram IPs, there isn't anything Anet can do.As much as people think "give us the IPs", it's not like it can get fixed. A lot of games are having that issue. Anet can only do so much. They can't keep going to their ISP and get new IPs when a country goes and blocks a bunch. It sucks, but there are limits to what companies (especially ones not even located in Russia) can do.

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