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[NA] [PvX] Dark Cloud [DC] recruiting new Dark Cloudian


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Hello fellow Guild Wars 2 players,

I hope this post finds you well. We are Dark Cloud [DC]. Here is a brief introduction of who we are. We have been around for very long time, ever since beta so very long time. We are a small tight-knit, NA, PvX guild, meaning we do basically everything. We also focus on our guild community and team improvement in order to enjoy gaming together. We have a max level guild hall as well if you are curious about it.

As I have already mentioned above, we are PvX guild. We do guild missions with everyone every week, community event (salem night/card against humanity/etc), have fractal group(s) doing daily fractals, PvE Raid group (exp in all five wings) clearing as much as possible, and WvW squad. Despite of being PvX guild, we do focus heavily on WvW content. However, this should not discourage anyone from joining us.

Now let us talk about our main focus, WvW. We are located in Crystal Desert server running 2-3 days per week. The number of days varies depending on the leader’s/officer’s schedule. Some of you WvW players might ask question, “do you guys do PPT”? Our focus is FIGHTS. We seek FIGHTS!!! So this means no to PPT question. We do take towers and such, but would prefer fights over taking towers/keeps/middle-fort.

As you can see, we do A LOT of events. Some hardcore and some casual. Now to join us, we ask you 3 things:

  1. Be Respectful towards others!
  2. No drama! We do not want your drama in here.
  3. Show up to our events!

As for hardcore contents, we ask you to follow three rules above and two more:

  1. WvW/GvG: Run Guild Builds
  2. PvE Raid: Have your character geared with viable buildIf you do not follow these three rules, we will kick you.

You can find our weekly schedule and discord link once you join our guild.We look forward to having you!

-[DC] Kenn

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