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[EU] Returning player and a newbie looking for guild!


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Hello everyone!

You see, it's been like 4-5 years since I left the game (more or less around LW S1 ending) and I decided to return, alongside someone else around a month ago, having finished PoF and explored some of the new classes and new elite classes. I am pretty experienced myself, having done most dungeons available in the vanilla game and having run quite a few fractals before they were reworked, and yadda-yadda. Thing is, we are looking for a guild aiming to do some laid-back lategame content, specially fractals, guild runs or events together, pretty much having a place to hang out with people and have some fun all together in a friendly manner. To make a list:

-Laid-back friendly mature people-Mostly focused on PvE-Active and social people

You can contact me via my id ingame (drazharm.1829) or via discord (Vintersong#0405), or my girlfriend (SahanaBee.6718)/(Sa'hana#8601)This said, see you all around Tyria!

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