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Commander of the Pack 3

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Anytime I got to a city I run very fast which I'm happy for... But when I want to do a Jumping Puzzle inside the city, the speed boost messes me up a lot. I'm not used to going that fast when doing jumping puzzles and it messes up my timing a lot. Most of the Jumping Puzzles I do is outside the city but when I wanna do a vista or a jumping puzzle inside the city, it ruins my momentum. Any way I can disable speed boost and enable it back when I'm done? Or has this Mastery ruin my account entirely?


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I wish there was a way to disable this.

It puts me off doing the Troll's Revenge puzzle in Lion's Arch, which is a shame because I really enjoy that puzzle but it has so many precision jumps (and that long rope walk) where the speed boost can really mess things up that it just gets frustrating.

Of course it should be optional, not something that's forced on all players in certain areas of the map (especially since that puzzle crosses over so many streets and other players people may want a speed boost). But it would be nice if they could add a toggle for it, like they did fort the auto-loot function obtained from the same mastery track.

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