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[PvX][EU] Underpowered Community - Looking for Friendly and Active players!

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Underpowered Community

We are looking for friendly and active/devoted players, both casual and hardcore alike.

We currently have +80 members and growing. Guild Hall is currently lvl 46!

Raids every Wednesday 7-9pm CEST and Sunday 8-10pm CEST.

Guild Missions every Monday at 7pm CEST.

Fill out your application through our website or contact us ingame for more information.Ingame: WhatLiesBeneath.9018Discord: TarjaTrooper#9308

What we offer

  • Mature (+18 age requirement), active and helpful community
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Discord
  • Active and devoted leaders


  • Salt-free-atmosphere
  • Dont be a troll. Be kind and use common sense
  • No racism, sexism or homophobia is accepted
  • Be respectful
  • Be kind to one and other
  • Always report if another member breaks the rules
  • Almost fulltime representation, as we want an active and devoted member base (We do allow for people to unrep to play with other guilds once in a while, but we do want you to use Underpowered as your main guild)
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