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(WvW) Game Hangs on Loading

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Recently, since the last few updates. The game refuses to fully load into WvW. It will partially load in that i can HEAR the WvW sounds, movements even of myself using abilities but the screen will still be stuck on the loading screen? Has anyone else experienced this, I have maybe managed to get into WvW like twice in the last few days. Trying countless times before i have given up. I have tried 5-10 times back to back before giving up. Its making it near impossible to play the game :/-

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I had this problem too, but it wasn't WvW specific. I could move and commit actions, which my friends on Discord would see my character do, but the loading screen would remain. This happened after my internet crashed on me while I was inside a story instance with my party. To fix it I had to clear my cache, restart my computer, and then repair the client.

Below is how I did this stuff on my Windows 10 PC.

To clear GW2 cache:

  • Navigate to the folder, starting within user folder within a file explorer. The directory will be something likeC:\Users\<INSERT USER HERE>\AppData\Local\Temp. You might not be able to see the exact folder if you don't have hidden folders enabled. Instead of navigating to the directory by yourself, you should be able to replace the current directory of your file explorer with %temp% and it should automatically pop you into the correct folder.
  • Remove any folders starting with gw2cache-{.

To repair: Official Anet Guide Here

  • Create a shortcut to either GW2.exe or GW2-64.exe.
  • Right click the shortcut to get a drop down menu and go down to "properties."
  • In the "Target" field put this behind the last quote mark. -repair There should be a space between the quotation mark and the minus symbol. Mine looks like this: "D:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe" -repair, but your .exe would probably be in a different location.
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There is also one other thing I did that I had forgotten that I had done.

C:\Users\<INSERT USER HERE>\AppData\Roaming\Guild Wars 2

That folder has Local.dat in it as well as files marked as corrupt. There is also a GFXSettings file in there though if you care about it. I deleted the whole folder and everything in it, because settings were not much of an issue for me. I did that before the repair. %appdata% takes you there.


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